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PS3 grill

Gaming is usually a bit of a sausage fest

Sony has announced that the Playstation 4 will NOT be backwards compatible. If you’re like me you’ve got a ton of Playstation 3 games collected over the years that you cherish and will want to revisit again and again. You may even (understandably) be attached to the iconic PS3 console itself. Even if you’re an “out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new” type, maybe there’s an awesome franchise like God of War, Uncharted, or inFAMOUS that you never got into and would like to start from the beginning. On top of that Sony announced they will be continuing support for the PS3 till at least 2015, and that there are some amazing first-party PS3 games due for release over the next few years.

Now, Sony says there IS the promise of playing PS3, PS2, and even PS1 games on the Playstation 4 through Gaikai’s streaming technology. This is pretty neat and opens up some interesting applications, but who knows how long it will take to implement or how wide the support will be. It seems like just holding on to your PS3 is the most sensible thing to do.

But maybe you’re strapped for cash and want to sell or trade-in your PS3 and games to help offset the US$399 to buy the PS4 after its release on November 15. You may expect that with the release of the PS4 imminent, you would have to sell your PS3 for chump change. Well sites like BuyMyTronics.com would have you believe that, what with their gracious offer to buy your working 250GB PS3 for a whopping $35. Now to be honest for that amount of money I really couldn’t be bothered. I’d also feel like selling my PS3 for that much would be kind of like betraying an old friend. However, there ARE other ways to sell your old console for a price that’s actually worth your time.

So you’ve decided to KEEP your Playstation 3. What do you do with it after you’ve bought your PS4? Ok, fair enough, this isn’t a BIG issue for most people. It may be as simple as clearing some room on your entertainment shelving for the PS4 and plugging it into one of your TV’s unused HDMI ports.

But what if you want your entertainment center to look something like this:

minimalist entertainment center

The PS4 would not be out of place in this scene

Ok, most of us plebs won’t have a place quite like that, but we still aspire to having a clean, minimalist space. One of the big attractions of the Playstation 4 is its sleek, clean design. It looks great just sitting on top of a counter. It’s actually possible to have your entire entertainment system consist of merely a PS4 and flatscreen TV. However, with that clunky PS3 and its cables sitting there your entertainment center may look closer to this:


cluttered gaming entertainment center

A well thought out entertainment center with radiator in the back and not one, but TWO printers!


multiconsole gaming center

Gaming Hub

Of course, it’s certainly easy enough to store the PS3 out of sight and only bring it out when you need to, but I wanted to find a more elegant solution that doesn’t require plugging and unplugging cables. As it turns out there are a number of shelving units and stands made specifically for multiconsole gaming centers. This is the Spyder Gaming Hub, made by Atlantic:

It’s made to hold 3 consoles, 2 controllers, 2 guitars, and 6 games up to a total of 60 lbs. It can also support a 42 inch TV up to 80 lbs. It takes under 10 minutes to set up, can swivel easily, and has adjustable height. It’s ideal for a bedroom or dorm room with gamers sitting low, such as on a floor rocker, as the maximum height isn’t all that high. One big downside is that there is no cavity for cables within the main column for full concealment, but there is a cage for a power strip at the back. The Spyder Gaming Hub currently sells on Amazon for US$99.99.

PS3 gaming storage towerGaming Storage Tower

For those of us with wall-mounted TVs, self-standing TVs, desktop monitors, or existing entertainment center there’s the LevelUp Playstation 3 Gaming Storage Tower:

While it’s not a MULTI-console storage unit, it’s a nice way to keep your PS3, games, and accessories off to the side in a sleek, tidy package, while your PS4 sits front and center. It currently sells for about US$74 on Amazon.





multiconsole gaming rack

Gaming Rack

For those looking for a multi-console storage solution on the cheap, there’s this dish rack…uh, I mean “Game Depot Wire Gaming Rack”, also made by Atlantic:

Not much to look at and I guarantee you it will NOT look as neat as in the picture, especially with cables hanging out the back. But it’s certainly functional! It sells for about 20 bucks on Amazon (not that cheap actually).





Xbox Kinect, Playstation Eye, and Wii Sensor on one mountMotion Sensor Mount

Besides having storage for multiple consoles, if you enjoy using Playstation Move then you’ll probably want to have both your PS3 Eye and PS4 Eye mounted above your TV. DreamGEAR makes that easy to do with their TriMount:

While they don’t have a model for the PS4 Eye yet, we’ll be keeping our own eyes peeled in anticipation. Until then the PS4 Eye could probably sit quite comfortably in place of that Kinect. This TriMount for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii is available on Amazon for about US$15.



PS3 hidden behind wall-mounted flatscreen

Hidden Wall Mount


Now, none of these solutions really completely hide the PS3 for that full on minimalist look. However, if you happen to have a wall-mounted TV with a bit of space behind it, you may want to look at the HIDEit 3S Mount:

Truth be told, there’s nothing too special about these mounts in particular, but the idea of hiding your console behind the TV is great! In my opinion this is the most elegant solution, especially if most of your games are downloaded from PSN as you won’t have to swap out discs that often. And of course, you could mount your PS4 behind there as well so that the only visible part of your gaming center is the screen. The only other visible hardware would be your Playstation controllers, perched nicely on their charging stand by the couch. The HIDEit mount can be bought for US$52 on Amazon.



PS3 mounted on wall with cable art

 Ostentatious Wall Mount

However, some prefer to hide their consoles in plain sight. Palle Olsen is one gamer who got tired of trying to hide his cords, so he decided to put them front and center:

If you want to turn your own Playstation into part of the decoration all you need is a wall mount, some super glue, and double-sided tape. Get the full instructions.

PS3 decoratively mounted on wall


PS3 mounted on wall with backlight

If Cable Design isn’t your thing though, there’s simpler ways to turn your console into wall art, such as with CaseHolder’s wall mounts from Germany with programmable LED backlights:

consoles mounted on wall





multiconsole made from 15 retro gaming consolesDIY Superconsole!


Lastly, why not just merge the PS3 and PS4 into one superconsole! John “Bacteria” Grayson combined 15 retro gaming consoles into an epic homemade console that can play 18 classic formats. However, it took him 3500 hours to build! Get the full story on Project Unity.


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