7 Crazy PS3 Mods

Alien chestburster cyborg PS3 ModAlien Chestburster Cyborg PS3 Mod


Well, if you ever wondered what color PS3 blood is, GivinTats has put all doubts to rest with this gory Alien mod that first appeared on the Llama modding forum. Since Chestbursters are rumoured to acquire 10-15% of their host’s characteristics, this Chestburster is a cyborg with visible PS3 components. The tail was cleverly positioned as a buttress to keep the console from tipping over. Take a peek at his previous Alien PS3 mod.












Adam Mclevey Steve PS3 ModSteve PS3 Mod


Adam Mclevey is a British artist who describes himself as combining “fine art detailing with a bold graffiti-influenced aesthetic”. He has developed a series based on recurring characters, called Steves, who he paints as various pop culture and movie icons. In this PS3 mod a Steve is crawling out of what appears to be a hole that was melted away, perhaps by superpowers? Check out the whole set of modded PS3 pics. Also take a peek at Mclevey’s paintings. They’re dope!







Adam Mclevey Steve PS3 Mod Close Up

Adam Mclevey Steve Two-Face



Steampunk PS3 Mod“Damnation” Steampunk PS3 Mod


This smashing mod by Brass Goggles’ member “maduncle” was made in honor of the launch of Steampunk themed game “Damnation”. There is a delightful attention to detail, with elements like wood paneling, rusting edges, and “Kill Ratio” valve meter. This PS3 would not look out of place in a 19th century Victorian lab. Read more on the Brass Goggles blog.











Assassin's Creed III PS3 Mod
Assassin’s Creed III PS3 Mod


Javier Riquelme is one of the most prolific modders out there and each of his pieces is truly beautiful. Rather than going over the top with monsters popping out of the console, his work catches attention with it’s subtlety and detail. I picked his AC3 mod because I have a soft spot for aged wood (please don’t quote out of context). You can check out more of his work on his Facebook page.





Black Ops II PS3 ModBlack Ops II PS3 Mod


I was on the fence with throwing in a second Riquelme mod, but I caved as this thing just looks so sick. Don’t overlook the PS3 controllers modded to look like old school NES controllers!







Ben Heck Portable PS3 ModPS3 Slim Laptop


Ben Heck takes modding to a whole other level, disassembling the entire console and making something completely new, such as this PS3 Slim Laptop with 17″ LCD, speakers, volume control, and single power supply. The case was custom fabricated with a dated Sabre 408 Router. It sports plenty of vents, slots for USB ports and BluRay drive, and even a space that the power cable can coil into nicely. Learn how to make your own on Ben Heck’s blog.






Ben Heck’s Ultimate Combo Gaming System modBen Heck’s Ultimate Combo System


And to wrap up I just had to post another Ben Heck creation, which featured on his super fun, super geeky The Ben Heck Show. I’ve seen several multiconsole mods on the interwebs, but this one takes the cake for functionality and aesthetic. Besides the gorgeous chestnut wood paneling and well-placed functional power LEDs (he even made sure the custom Xbox LEDs had the same circular pattern as the original), the Ultimate Combo System is amazingly compact and sports just one power supply and one HDMI out. Inside the system there’s a nifty HDMI switcher that detects which console is on, or if multiple consoles are on, the HDMI out can be switched with a button or even a remote!



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