PS4 Accessory and Bundle Pricing: Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore

PS4 Killzone Bundle


The PS4 is being released in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore in mid-December 2013. The standard PS4 purchase comes with one PS4 DualShock controller, but Sony is also offering some bundles which offer some savings if you’re planning on buying the bundled games or accessories anyways. The prices for individual accessories are also included below.

You can pre-order the PS4 and bundles at the:

Hong KongTaiwanSingapore
PS4 StandardHK$3,380 (US$436)NT$12,980 (US$440)S$639 (US$498)
PS4 with Playstation EyeHK$3,680 (US$475) NT$14,480 (US$491) S$689 (US$552)
PS4 Game Bundle with Killzone: Shadow FallHK$3,780 (US$488)NT$14,480 (US$492)S$699 (US$560)
PS4 Game Bundle with Dynasty Warriors 7 (Chinese)HK$3,880 (US$500)NT$14,980 (US$509)
PS4 Game Bundle with Battlefield 4S$709 (US$569)
PlayStation Vita TVHK$798 (US$103)NT$3,480 (US$118)S$149 (US$119)
PlayStation EyeHK$468 (US$60)NT$1,780 (US$60)SS$87.90 (US$70)
DualShock 4 ControllerHK$468 (US$60)NT$1,780 (US$60)S$87.90 (US$70)
DualShock 4 Charging CradleHK$248 (US$32)NT$880 (US$30)S$46.90 (US$38)


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